What Makes
Us Different

Expert Childcare With A Difference

Here at Kids Allowed, we think kids should be allowed to develop at their own pace. We want to give them as many new, interesting and stimulating experiences as we can, to develop their knowledge, imagination, and personality and help them grow as confident individuals.

Kids Allowed are not babysitters. We believe we are experts at guiding development and ensuring your child is given the best care possible and we think our success stories show this.

We’ve also been in your shoes and understand the complex thoughts and feelings that go into such a big decision. When our founder, Jennie, was looking for childcare, nothing she saw came close to meeting her expectations and so she created Kids Allowed. Everything was looked at with a fresh perspective, through the eyes of a mother.

Proud Winners

We’re very proud of the awards we’ve won. We always wanted to stand out as trailblazers for a new era of childcare - and it seems that we do. Kids Allowed has been recognised by many childcare sectors and business awards for the high standards we set.

We view our awards as a true testament to the hard work our team puts in. For us, it means we approach each day with extra pride. For you, it simply means we’re as good as our word.

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