Allowed Your Say

Our surveys give us the all-important parent and team perspective.

The guiding light behind Kids Allowed isn’t just providing exceptional childcare. It’s about providing the sort of childcare and services you really need. The only way to do that is to listen.

Of course, we listen to parent and colleague’s opinions every day and take ideas on board all the time – our motto is ‘say yes to any reasonable request’. Our surveys give us the chance to dig a little deeper, to be sure what we’re doing is really working.

Just about everyone who responds to our surveys, feel that our teams are friendly, welcoming, enthusiastic and caring.  They also say our centres are professional and well equipped, with services designed to suit their family needs.

We couldn’t be more delighted and while we never stop looking for ways to improve, it’s also nice to pause briefly to congratulate our team on a job well done!

In our most recent parent surveys, 98.3% are happy with the service they receive at Kids Allowed and 98% would recommend Kids Allowed to friends and family

Team Survey

As well as listening to our parents, we also value our team and nearly all of our improvements and suggestions come directly from Kids Allowed colleagues. Our team surveys, which can be taken anonymously, give every colleague the chance to voice their opinions and suggestions.

It is clear from the strengths identified in the team surveys, that the team are happy and proud to be part of the Kids Allowed family, with nearly every one of them saying they would recommend Kids Allowed!

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Investors In People

Members of our team were randomly selected by Investors in People and were interviewed over 3 days about what it is like to work for the company.

The award is about how the company develops their people and how they help to achieve the company’s primary purpose of “Making Children Happy”.

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