Our Centres

From inquisitive little tots to dynamic pre-schoolers and even independent 10 year olds – every child has their own personality; their own little quirks, likes, dislikes and interests. Of course, they all develop at their own pace.

We want to give them as many new, interesting and stimulating experiences as we can, to develop their knowledge, imagination and personality and help them grow as confident individuals.

At our purpose-built centres we provide outstanding nursery care, as well as term-time wraparound care and school holiday clubs for school-age children aged up to 10.

First things first: our centres are designed with security in mind. We use a combination of biometric technology (fingerprint scanning), key code systems and cctv to control access. We also have a dedicated team member on reception at all times, to welcome everyone with a smile while providing that extra level of security.

The nursery centre is divided into age specific rooms: babies, woddlers™, toddlers and pre-school. In addition, we have a dedicated wing for school-age children, so they can feel a little more grown up. Each room is flooded with natural light and opens directly onto its own garden. Healthy physical activity is a big part of the day, even in bad weather – we get the woollies, waterproofs and wellies on and carry on regardless, making the most of the fresh air and freedom.

The age-appropriate equipment in each room is of the highest standard. Everything is kept in tip top condition and regularly replaced and added to. We also have a Studio, Sensory Room and Music Room, which the children can use to explore and express themselves in different ways.

Allowed To Thrive

Supporting, encouraging and instilling a love of learning

Your child will grow and develop in their own good time. We make sure they are continually engaged with our highly trained team, who introduce toys and activities that stimulate exploration and learning for their particular developmental stage. When we think they’re ready, we will talk to you about progressing to the next room, where life just keeps getting more interesting, involving, stimulating and exciting!

Baby Room

Baby Room (6 weeks to around 15 months)

At this very early stage, babies are drinking it all in; observing everything around them.  They gradually learn how to control their bodies in response to everything around them and we love to see them begin to communicate with their Kids Allowed family! The Baby Room team focus on stimulating tactile activities that encourage development.  They work hard to create a “home-from-home” environment, that provides a gentle transition from home to nursery life, including lots of cuddles!

Woddler Room

Woddler™ Room (around 10 – 26 months)

As their mobility, dexterity and language improve, children begin exploring their environment with greater zeal – otherwise known as the ‘into everything’ phase! In the Woddler Room, these skills can flourish. With the help of purpose-built furniture and play resources, the team encourage children to stretch themselves both physically and imaginatively.

Toddler Room

Toddler Room (around 20 – 40 months)

With growing independence and with their own unique personality really shining through, toddler-aged children are ready to start developing social skills; self-help and many other life skills. In the Toddler Room, we support this development with activities such as circle time, dressing skills, toilet training and shared meal times where children are encouraged to feed themselves. The focus is on purposeful play, which sets the foundation for a life long love of learning.

Pre-School Room

Pre-School Room (around 32 months until they leave for school)

This is quite a fast and furious development phase! Children grow in confidence by the day, and quickly become more skilled in so many different areas. They’re physically more able, with fine motor skills developing. Their use of language flourishes and their enquiring minds are keen to know the answers to all of life’s mysteries. Like little sponges, they soak up all the information and all the different experiences we can share with them.

In the Pre-school Room, our team plan activities to reflect the Early Years Foundation Stage for the development of pre-school children. There are opportunities to learn at every turn, including early reading and maths skills; mark-making; imaginative play and ICT (Information and Communication Technology). These opportunities are reinforced through what we call ‘purposeful play’.  We begin to introduce a little more structure to the day, along with activities such as baking (a great way of supporting early maths); using the interactive white board and taking the children out on interesting trips. Our aim is to instil and encourage self-confidence and a real enjoyment of learning, so when they start school, they’re self assured and raring to go!

Allowed New Experiences

Stimulating wraparound care for school age children.

To be a working parent, while managing school drop-offs; pick-ups and school holidays, you need to be a skilled juggler with nerves of steel!

Unlike conventional nurseries, we understand that being a parent gets more complex as your older children start school. So, we provide complete wraparound care for school-aged children up to 10 years old.

The children are involved in lots of interesting and stimulating activities with new friends, in an active and engaging environment designed for their age group.  We offer much more than a typical after school club, meaning while they’re allowed a really fun extension to the school day, you are allowed total peace of mind.

Breakfast Club

Drop your child off in the morning and we’ll give them a tasty breakfast, then take them safely to school. Breakfast is served buffet style, so they can make their own choices and we include plenty of healthy options. We also supervise different activities, indoors and outdoors, to ease them gently into the day.

After School Club

We collect your child from school and bring them back to the club. They are usually ready for a drink and a bite to eat, so there are plenty of healthy options on offer. We’ll keep them happily entertained with lots of different activities, such as table-football; board games; arts and crafts and outdoor play – they can always find the energy from somewhere! We also plan regular themed activities and special events. If your child would rather get on with their homework, we make sure they have a quiet spot and appropriate support.

Holiday Club

School holidays can be a real puzzle, but it’s one we’ve solved for you. Our school Holiday Clubs provide the support you need, while giving the children chance to take part in a range of exciting programmes and new experiences.   There are trips out; creative workshops; games, sports, ceramics, drama, dance, art, cookery, music, photography and media, as well as culturally themed weeks. Instead of being cooped up at home with grown-ups, they’ll be with kids their own age, forging the kind of important friendships that can last a lifetime.

They’re based in a separate wing of the centre, giving them complete independence from the little ones, so they can relax in their own space and play in their own garden.

To book online or to find out more about our fabulous holiday club activities, please see our school holiday club booking form via the bookings menu.

Allowed To Express Themselves

The Sensory Theatre is a special, magical room where children can go on sensory adventures. We create a variety of different environments and experiences, that focus on one or more senses, through sound, lighting, visual and tactile effects, as well as vibration, aromas and music. Exploring and experimenting are actively encouraged as children relax and have fun with learning to express themselves, experiment and soak up new information. In fact it’s so much fun, our mums and dads can be quite jealous that they don’t get to join in!

Allowed to move, jump, dance and run

A great indoor space, the Studio is used regularly for all sorts of lively activities, such as music and movement; dance and drama; soft play and parachute games. This fantastic resource provides us with the space and freedom to introduce activities that support the development of co-ordination, balance, spatial awareness, rhythm and confidence.

Allowed to be LOUD!

We’ve filled the Music Room with a range of fantastic musical instruments from around the world that children can experiment with. Learning about music includes rhythm, loud and quiet noise; fast and slow beats – it’s a great foundation for language and maths development. But sometimes we just like to make a lot of noise!

Allowed to play out

Freedom and fresh air every day

“The best classroom and the widest cupboard is roofed only by the sky.”

This quote from nursery educator Margaret McMillan at the beginning of the last century, sums up how we feel about our children being outdoors. She maintained that children need outdoor space as much as food and air.  We agree.  As well as fostering a love of nature and simply being outside, outdoor play encourages healthy physical activity, team play and social inclusion. Of course, there is also the theory that plenty of fresh air helps children sleep better at night, which is an aspect our parents particularly appreciate!

Our philosophy is reflected in the design of our centres, with each room opening onto its own garden, so children are never cooped up inside waiting for their turn.  Designed for each age-specific group, the play areas are imaginatively kitted out with a combination of play equipment and all-weather surfaces, including grassed areas and some clever landscaping.  Learning through play is simply more fun outside, so outdoor play is built into every morning and afternoon’s activities. Unless conditions are too severe even for our intrepid team to brave, we snuggle up in woollies, wellies and waterproofs and get on with it, whatever the weather. At Kids Allowed, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only wrong clothes!

Allowed to taste everything

Encouraging a love of good, nutritious food.

Healthy minds.  Healthy bodies.  Healthy appetites. Our approach to eating encompasses all three, with a combination of sociable mealtimes and balanced nutrition, with varied, freshly prepared menus.

If your child comes to us every day, then the majority of meals they eat during the week will be provided by us, so it’s a responsibility we take particularly seriously. Bad food habits can start early and can cause ongoing problems, so we make sure our children are offered a wide variety of flavours from menus that are certified as nutritionally balanced.


Each mealtime is a happy, relaxed and sociable occasion – and a new opportunity to learn. Children sit in small groups with one of their team who leads by example, encouraging them to try new things and helping to serve, as well as initiating conversation. Children have a natural curiosity, which we extend to food, introducing new flavours and textures to smell and taste.


Strong, healthy little bodies, fizzing with energy – that’s what we’re after. To get good stuff out, we put good stuff in. Our nutritionally balanced food is freshly prepared on site by our own qualified chefs.  Our chefs minimise the use of sugar and other additives.  They never add salt.  Your child will be offered a minimum of four portions of fruit and vegetables every day and we use local suppliers whenever possible.


Planned specifically to meet the nutritional needs of children, our award winning menus are healthy and well balanced. We devise varied menu plans each season, which reflect diverse cultures to broaden our children’s experience of the wider world.

If your child has specific dietary requirements (whether medical, cultural, ethical, religious or even just a personal preference), we’ll do our best to accommodate their individual diet.


We provide formula milk for babies and The Baby Room has a dedicated milk preparation area. We can also store and prepare bottles of expressed milk if you’re breastfeeding. We follow whatever feeding routine you have at home.

If you want to leave your baby with a full tum, or top them up before you head for home, you can breastfeed anywhere at the centre, including in a special sitting area for those who prefer a little privacy.

Once your child is ready to start weaning, our varied weaning menu (freshly prepared by our chef), will allow them to experiment with different flavours and textures, all the while bearing in mind their nutritional needs.

Freshly prepared food from fully qualified chefs

Each Kids Allowed centre has an on-site, qualified chef with an in-depth understanding of nutrition, food hygiene and menu planning. We never use salt, and minimise the use of sugar and other additives. Everything is freshly prepared and absolutely delicious, if the empty plates are anything to go by!

We serve a minimum of four portions of fruit and vegetables every day and, with fruit served as mid morning and mid afternoon snacks, we encourage healthy snacking habits and a love of the good stuff. Drinking water is on offer all day too, so those precious little bodies are getting everything they need to grow and thrive.

Setting the standard for children’s nutrition

You might be surprised to learn that there is currently no legal requirement for children’s food in childcare facilities. We certainly were. Quite frankly, we think there should be, so we’ve searched far and wide for a standard we believe in. Our menus follow the Caroline Walker (CWT) guidelines and are based on providing all the nutrients and energy our little livewires need.

Caroline Walker was a distinguished nutritionist who dedicated her life to writing about and campaigning for better nutrition.

We share her conviction that good food is the basis of good health and firmly believe that children’s development will flourish when they’re packed full of goodness.

We’re also delighted to share that Kids Allowed is now the first UK nursery to be accredited by The Vegetarian Society.

Our veggie menus are guaranteed to be free from animal meat and they are prepared in a separate area, to prevent cross-contamination.  Our meals are guaranteed to be GMO and cruelty free and our eggs are always free range.

The Vegetarian Society work hard to support and represent vegetarians across the UK. They work constructively with businesses, government agencies, policy makers and professionals, whilst always remaining independent.

To find out more please visit www.vegsoc.org

We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions on our new seasonal menus and your comments would be greatly appreciated. Please browse the links below to take a peek at our tasty meals.

Autumn Menus – Stockport, Cheadle, Christie Fields & MacclesfieldAutumn Menus – UHSMAutumn Menus – Knutsford

If you’d like to share any comments, please email james.crosswell@kidsallowed.com

Recipes to try at home

You can now have the taste of Kids Allowed at home! Below are some recipes you can try out at home from our current menu – we hope you enjoy them!

Allowed an easier life

For when you need a bit of help being supermum and dad.

The way we see things, support for parents is just as important as support for their children. There are lots of little day to day pressures that we can take away, which make your day a bit easier and allow you more time to simply relax and enjoy being with your child.

We call them our ‘Easy Life’ services and we’ve tried to think of everything.  Examples include posting letters, laundry and dry cleaning.  You can even grab a free tea and coffee to go!

Allowed to party

Our wonderful Studio Room makes the perfect party venue as there’s plenty of room for games and giddy excitement. You can hire the room, which includes a safe garden, plus you can help yourself to free tea and coffee for the grown ups. If you like, we can help with the rest of the arrangements by recommending entertainers and caterers.  We’ll even clear up afterwards!

Recommended entertainers include:

  • Soccer skills
  • Cheerleading
  • Sorcerer’s magic
  • Face painting
  • Creepy crawlies
  • Jo Jingles

When and how long?

The Studio can be hired on Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays for a minimum of 3 hours.

Book your party today

Just give us a call on 0870 750 1021. We’ll talk it through in more detail and check availability for you.


We can give you a night off, while one of our experienced team comes round to babysit. Simply ask at reception to book and if possible, we’ll make sure it’s someone your child is familiar with.

Ad Hoc Service

If your childcare plans go awry, don’t panic. We keep a number of places open each day for emergencies, so if you need to book an extra session, just call – if we can, we will.

Parent concierge

Drop off your laundry; dry cleaning; repairs, ironing and post and we’ll get it sorted out for you. Remember, we say YES to any reasonable request.  And don’t worry that we’ll neglect your children in favour of your chores – it’s all done through third parties. It just makes life so much easier for you to be able to drop everything off in one place, so you can get on with your day.

Direct Dry Cleaning

We’d love to introduce you to another local business in the North who come in and help us to help you! Direct Dry Cleaning provide “quality service with care” and will take care of any bits and pieces for our busy mums and dads from laundry to ironing. They visit all of our centres regularly so you can bring in your items any time and reception will organise a collection for you.

On-site essentials

We also stock on-site essentials such as nappies, teething gel and other items that so often run out at the most inconvenient times!