Guiding Development

From inquisitive toddlers to dynamic pre-schoolers and even independent 10 year olds in our after school club, every child has their own personality, their own little quirks, likes, dislikes, and interests.

At Kids Allowed, we aim to nurture the individuals and aim to help them develop through each learning stage easily, while having as much fun as possible.

The activities we choose for your child are specifically thought-out in order to provide the best support for development. We call this learning through play.

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Learning Through Play

Learning through play is an invaluable tool in helping to facilitate a child’s development and stimulate key areas of learning and growth. At Kids Allowed, we use a wide variety of playing and games in order to aid development. While this may seem like playing to us, for your child, it’s how they learn to make sense of the world around them and they can learn immense amounts of information through it.

For example, our studio is used regularly for all sorts of lively activities, such as music and movement, dance, drama, soft play, and parachute games. These kind of activities support the development of co-ordination, balance, spatial awareness, rhythm, and confidence.

We choose games specific to each development stage in order for your child to learn through play.

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