Why I love what I do


I have three children, the youngest is six and enjoyed the Kids Allowed experience in each of the different rooms through her earliest years. I work all day and never worried about her, as I knew she was being cared for on low ratios, by a Key Person and a team she genuinely had a bond with, getting lots of love and cuddles, making friendships (she adored her best friend Elizabeth) and squealed with delight as she played and learned.  She loved being there and she also astonished me with how quickly she learnt new skills and language.



A little bit about us

Kids Allowed childcare centres focus on exactly what children need at every stage of development, from babies to 10 year old school children. They’re allowed to experiment, discover, experience, learn and have lots of fun doing it.

While the kids are happy doing all of that, you’re allowed a satisfied smile as you go about your day, feeling confident and reassured about trusting your child to such competent and caring hands.

You’re allowed a sigh of relief at finding a childcare expert that knows exactly where you’re coming from. And if you want to jump for joy, that’s allowed too!

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My son has been attending KA since he was 12 months old, firstly at another centre then transferring to Christie Fields four months later (closer to work). I cannot recommend this nursery enough, it has fantastic learning environment, wonderful personable, hard working staff and clear operating procedures that provide not only a caring place for my son to thrive but also somewhere my son LOVES to go every day.

Sam M (mother of child) 26/9/15 – Christies

So I’ve spent the last couple of days feeling super emotional about my little boy growing up, leaving Kids Allowed and starting school! He started Kids Allowed part time at 11 months and whilst he has remained part time, the care and attention to his childcare hasn’t been done by halves! He’s made special friends with both staff and children. I will remember fondly forever the good times, Christmas shows, graduation songs and even the bumps and bruises & messy times that have helped to shape his future so far!

Abbey W (Mother of Child) 29.7.15 - Cheadle

Miriam (Mother of child) 24.9.15 – Excellent nursery with excellent staff. Everyone has been so lovely and helpful, putting my first and only child into nursery was a very anxious time for me, but within her first few days all of my anxieties were rested. Staff are always smiling, friendly and happy to help, even staff from other rooms make the effort to learn all of the children’s names. When I picked him up it was clear he was having a wonderful time. I’d just like to thank all the staff at Stockport KA.

Miriam (Mother of child) 24.9.15 - Cheadle

My daughter Freya absolutely loves Kids Allowed, you've encouraged her to be an independent and confident little girl.

Amanda, Knutsford

My son has so much fun every day and most of the time he does not want to leave in the evening. What more could we ask for!

Kelsey, Christie Fields

A fine balance between learning and fun, Kids Allowed is a safe and secure environment for my child. Ultimate peace of mind.

David, Macclesfield