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A little bit about us

In January 2020 Kids Planet acquired Kids Allowed. Kids Planet has 52 nurseries across the North West and Midlands and provides care to over 7,500 children. Kids Planet was founded in 2008 by CEO Clare Roberts and her father John, who is now Chair. Clare’s sister, Lucy Kaczmarska joined as Childcare Director in 2013.

Kids Planet are proud to continue the Kids Allowed legacy of care, passion and excellence as it brings together two of the most successful nursery groups in the UK, making Kids Planet the best childcare group for quality, based on Ofsted grades and other industry accolades, including 2019 Nursery World Group of the Year and Nursery Management Group of the Year.

At Kids Allowed, your child will be encouraged to develop in a way which is fun and immersive. Because games and activities are designed to facilitate learning at a young age.

At Kids Allowed, we understand the parent experience and the emotions associated with it. We know the difficulty of finding the right childcare provider for your little ones.

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Days at Kids Allowed

Your child will grow and develop in their own time. They will benefit from fun, engaging games and activities which facilitate learning at every stage of their development. You will get peace of mind from knowing that your child is being given the space to grow and learn. When we think they’re ready, we will talk to you about progressing to the next room, where life just keeps getting more interesting, stimulating, and exciting.

We make sure your child is continually engaged with our highly-trained team who introduce toys and activities that stimulate exploration and learning for their particular development stage. Depending on the age of your child, a typical day will include a mixture of games, playing, outside activities, music, dance, sensory theatre, and games. Read more about what your child could be doing at Kids Allowed to develop, grow, and explore.

Daily Routines

Learning & Development

Take a look at some of our learning and development blog posts. Topics include games and activities for you to use at home, family-friendly places to visit throughout Manchester, and tips for your child’s learning and development.